If I were the manager, I wouldn’t have been able to touch it because I was sick.
It's been about 50 days since I gave birth He failed to meet us once Maybe it's because she's old and she's having a hard time I had several crises during my pregnancy because I wasn't feeling well Even during pregnancy, the swelling and legs hurt a lot I thought I'd get better after giving […]

It's been about 50 days since I gave birth

He failed to meet us once

Maybe it's because she's old and she's having a hard time

I had several crises during my pregnancy because I wasn't feeling well

Even during pregnancy, the swelling and legs hurt a lot

I thought I'd get better after giving birth

It's been 50 days but I still feel sick..

Secondly, I had an idea if possible

My body isn't working well and I'm sick, so I don't think my second child can do it

I thought it'd be better to take care of myself

I searched for Anyang postpartum massage that people say is essential after giving birth~

I stayed in a nursing home right after I gave birth

Because of COVIDO CORONA, my family couldn't come and I couldn't live comfortably and had a hard time.

When I got home, I couldn't even talk.

My pelvis and legs hurt because of my bad posture before I got pregnant

Even if I was lying at home, I thought I should go to the hospital because I was sick

I got a recommendation from a postpartum massage company that I can get it when I'm with my baby at home

I've already received more than half of the ten episodes and left a review

I searched the mom cafe and blog that you joined

The best postpartum massage in Anyang was Lennejay

It's very popular around here

I should've tried it when the cooker told me to consult you

When I looked into it, they said there were no seats available right away

I got it because I waited for a while

I think it's true that she got worse after giving birth.

Pelvis is twisted and body fatigue is worse than before..?

This isn't a pain that can be solved by exercise

I didn't know how to solve it

I told you everything that hurts during the consultation

I was looking forward to it because I heard it will get better and have an effect after receiving it a few times ^^

Lennes J was in charge of two things

They say you can choose between 90 minutes and 120 minutes

I don't want to be a second child. I wanted to catch him first

I thought it would be better to get it properly, so I made 10 reservations for 120 minutes

I was going to decide after five sessions

Just in case I miss the timing so I won't be able to make a reservation ;; lol

And I heard that abdominal care will be added to the 120-minute treatment

I was worried about abdominal obesity, so I took care of it for 120 minutes

Everyone around you is getting postpartum massages for business trips

A lot of people say they can't imagine how to get it

I actually couldn't imagine it at first ;;

I received it three times as a package while staying at a cooking house

Back then, everything was set up, so I took it lying down

I was worried about what I should prepare for the postpartum massage on my business trip

But Mr. Lennejay, the manager of Anyang postpartum massage

Tell them you'll bring them and take care of them

He just told me to prepare a few big or small towels to wipe off

At first, I thought I really didn't need anything

I was really surprised when I saw the luggage you brought on the first day of management

What I was thinking was like a Thai massage

I thought I'd lie on the floor and get it

He brought a big and scarier massage bed than I thought ^^;

I think he explained it to me during the consultation

I guess I was waiting without much thought lol

And the rest of the cream and towels you use for care

You packed your stuff in your carrier, but you really brought one

Mr. Lee, you must have had a hard time bringing it

He said he disinfected your belongings before coming home

Just in case, you thoroughly disinfected it before setting it up in front of me

I heard you're going to replace the mask with a new one, so I thought it was reliable

I fill out the management chart while you're setting it up

I didn't want to worry because you set it up soon

All you have to do is just go up and get treatment ^^

What I was most worried about was, as anyone who's ever given birth would know

My body really didn't feel like mine…

Swelling is much bigger than when you're pregnant, and your feet, of course

Your pelvis is twisted and it feels like it's opening up

Staying in the same position as breastfeeding for a long time made me feel stiff

It only comes out little by little

Just in case, I'm annoyed that you're still wearing pads.

The most important thing was that I wanted my body to be lighter

As soon as I got to bed, Mr. Lee saw me

I heard that the pelvic twist is really bad…

I thought it might be a little twisted

When you took a picture and showed me, I thought it was really my body

I was really surprised after the Anyang postpartum massage, Lennejay

The pelvic flexion has improved

The swelling was really bad at first

Maybe it's because of the manual care, but it's decreased a lot

If it had been managed by a machine, I wouldn't have been able to touch it because it hurt.

It's not just mysteriously clogged; it's managed

Are you feeling better? Did you see the effect of being relieved or what's left out ^^

Besides this, I like my stiff shoulders and heavy feet

I feel like I'm getting better blood circulation

Actually, it's really hard to go out after giving birth to a baby..

Besides, I was really nervous because of the corona

You can get an Anyang postpartum massage at home

I don't have to leave. I just need someone to take care of the baby

It was so comfortable and the price-to-performance ratio was better than I thought

It's better to take care of him than to come home

I faint every time I take care of it because it's good to get it right away and get some sleep

Thanks to my mom, I was able to get some care

Next time, I'm going to add family management so that my mom can get it too~

I think this is also an advantage of Anyang postpartum massage

I love your touch

I hope you take good care of your mom too ^^~

If you are sick all over 강남안마 the body like me, I recommend you to get an Anyang postpartum massage

You will be able to see a lot of effects~

I thought you might be looking for someone

I'll leave the information with you

It's a famous place, so it gets booked up quickly

Make a reservation after taking some time to consult before giving birth!

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