18K Rosegold in front.
It's been a while since I met an acquaintance and got a lot of information!Well, I don't know. I'm sure the conglomerates have collected all the man's luxury watches.I heard there's a 레플리카 separate arrangement.​I just kept it in storage without wearing it once.They're just like new ones.I heard it was a big place, so […]

It's been a while since I met an acquaintance and got a lot of information!
Well, I don't know. I'm sure the conglomerates have collected all the man's luxury watches.
I heard there's a 레플리카 separate arrangement.

I just kept it in storage without wearing it once.
They're just like new ones.
I heard it was a big place, so I went quickly.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch I found there.
It's the most robust chronograph timepiece in the world.
I've always wanted it.
The price was so good that I succeeded!

42 mm steel case and
The sporty charm of a black bezel with a tachimeter on it.
It was amazing in person.

Everything I saw at the other shop was terrible.
Alfieocean Department Store is in the same condition as well.
They're all mint-like, so I just can't get my head around it.

How could this be a replica of a luxury watch?
Between the dragon head and the braslet.
They were all in perfect condition.

Plus, here's a good-looking luxury watch for men.
I was able to get a lot of benefits.
I've got a big one billion certificate of authenticity.
It even takes care of A/S merit.

Once you've kicked anything,
It's all secondhand.
You don't have to buy a new one.

From the Starfield Mall in COEX, Gangnam,
This is the tallest building.
This is Alfiocean Department Store that led my shopping success!

There's a lot of supplies.
It's always Asia's largest.
The modifier will catch up.

Just by looking at the interior.
I figured out what a great place it is.
The brilliant crystal chandelier had brilliant lighting.

There are so many foreign cars in the parking lot.
It was like a motor show.
It's really a shopping zone for big business owners.

The atmosphere is full of rocks, too!
There are lots of bags, jewelry, and wallets.
There's a lot of female guests coming.

But I'm following the quarantine rules.
He manages ventilation and distance thoroughly.
I wasn't worried about anything.

I ordered an Americano for welcome drinks.
Of all the coffee I've ever had,
It's the best!

Besides, the staff took care of me in a one-on-one format.
Throughout comparison shopping
You were treated like a king.

Every display case was full of enthusiastic shoppers.
ShinDong's Leaflica Luxury Watch by Type
It's not common to look around.

Oh, and at the largest luxury watch department in the East,
It's hard to shoot.
But when I make a reservation 15 days in advance,
I asked you to do it.
Thankfully, he gave me permission.

It's difficult in general.
Don't forget it.

The high-end watch lineup was incredible.
First of all, I took a look at the Yeger Lecultre display case.

masculine and stylish in appearance
Polaris Chronograph is here!
It's a highly professional design.

On the 42mm test dial,
Two-counter indicator goes in.
It seems complicated.
It's so poetically arranged.
It was luxurious, too.

It's made of steel, so it's light.
I think it's a really good product to wear daily!

Then I saw the Master Ultra Thin Power Reserve model.
Inside the 39 mm steel case
Fan-shaped mini-counters,
The date window, the small second, shined like a flash.

It's like a graceful swan wing.
It's a visual that reminds me of.
The more I saw it, the more beautiful it was.

But these are all secondhand.
It's a really good price.
You'll be surprised if you go.

Even more than Alfio Department Store online mall,
The line-up was much more spectacular.
And when I realized that, I thought I'd come back again.
You know, it made me feel like I had to visit you in person.

Because this place is for visitors.
We've got more supplies ready.
You said thank you so much for coming to the store.
Best sellers, focus on the display case as much as possible.
They've defied him.

radiant on the wrist
This guy's metal watch is my one pick.

It feels like a very luxurious driving watch.
Every time I wear it, I get a big smile.

I was getting a recommendation for a laplica luxury watch.
I'm hooked on this product.
I'm so happy to be here.
The price merit really hit me. Kkkk

This Omega Sea Master Aquaterado.
I didn't have any wounds. It was my second hand.

It's 34mm in size.
I thought you'd tie your wrists tight.

Steel base mixed with 18K rose gold.
It was brilliant.
You've got a star-like dia index on top of the blue board.
It was ecstatic and beautiful.

And Rolex's supplies are really the best.b
The other place is empty without a single piece of product.
There's a lot of air-only places.;
But in this showroom, I'm going to go like this.
There's even a pink version of the Daygust combination.

18K white gold is a combination of 18K white gold.
The whole body was transparent and full of clear energy.
36 mm with a subtle pink board
Fluted bezel was very sensual.

If it's a letter of entry, it's all the more here.
I'm gonna try to shop.
A good Reflika luxury watch at a reasonable price.
You can let him in.

And then we can go through the resale process.
It's easy to change the model, isn't it?
Buy, sell, repeat, increase budget little by little.
It's possible to get into the high end.
It's a place with a high rate of revisit.

The IWC display case had a lot of things I wanted.
Air Watch's chief executive.
Pilot Chronograph of the Little Prince Edition
It was my first time seeing it in person, and it was really cool.

A sporty, beautiful 43mm blue plate.
He's surrounded by steel cases.
It's more sophisticated.

The band is black alligator skin.
It's the end of the dandy.
Oh, you should see it in person. ^^!
The photographs don't show everything in person. Kkkk

I thought this Taghoyer Carrera was really new.
43 mm Case and Steel Bracelet
Everything was so clean.

But without exception, it's a replica of a luxury watch. WOW

There are products that are attached to the film as well, so I asked.
They're used for dipping.
It's never actually been used.
He said he put it in the display case, and he made a big move.

Cartier's main masterpiece, full of ballon blue.
This is a 42mm steel model.
Roman Hourtrack and Blue Hands.
It was very attractive.

You can't leave out a tank brush, either!
In a rectangular steel case of 41×31 mm,
Black alligator straps matched.
It was just the basic style.

This Piazza Altiplano is a very good idea.
18K Rosegold in front.
It was a god-made beauty.

Do you see the diamond bezel on the 38mm case?
We have a concisely placed bar index,
It's a thin pair of hands, so it's superfluous.

I don't think it's a Reflika luxury watch.
A place full of brand-new products!
You had a great experience.^^

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