The bright spring flowers are blooming one by one, so I think it’s a place where I met the spring energy of the South Island faster.
At the end of February, I experienced a special schedule of inner travel covering the popular Tongyeong travel course in Geoje. The schedule, which started by taking a private bus after taking a plane to Busan airport, lasted for 2 nights and 3 days, but today, I will show you the Tongyeong Geoje travel course. […]
At the end of February, I experienced a special schedule of inner travel covering the popular Tongyeong travel course in Geoje. The schedule, which started by taking a private bus after taking a plane to Busan airport, lasted for 2 nights and 3 days, but today, I will show you the Tongyeong Geoje travel course. 1. Oedo Botania Oedo-gil, Ilwoon-myeon 17 ​ If you choose the most colorful travel destination in this schedule, I think Oedo Botania will be in the top three. I was able to get there in about 10 minutes by boat from Gujura Port. Oedo Island is an island, so you have to take a boat unconditionally, but the course with the least number of ships is to ride at Gujura Port, so it is recommended that those with seasickness or severe seasickness choose Gujura Port unconditionally. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy, so I didn't see Oedo and Haegeumgang, which were tied as a set, and I had to see the cloudy sky, but I felt relieved when I met the bright, seasonal camellias at the entrance. Oedo Botania, one of the representative Geoje Tongyeong travel courses, is a place where many trees grow so much that the entire island is said to be an arboretum, and even though it was still chilly, it was green all around. There were wonderful sculptures among more than 3,000 well-cultivated and refined plants, so there seemed to be many points to take commemorative photos. One of the most important places on the island is Venus Garden, but it was filled with colorful pretty places at the end of February, which is still early in spring. Oedo Island itself has many things to see, but the sea view from the island is wonderful, and the view over a cup of coffee was art. It will be more colorful and beautiful in April, so I want to visit there again. 2. Cicadas Jangmok-myeon Bukhang-gil ​ The next trip to Geoje was the cicadas that became famous as Geoje hotflowers. Cicada Castle is a kind of wall built up by a person who was severely damaged by a 여행 typhoon in 2003 with stones collected near the beach for many years to protect his agricultural crops, which is like a medieval castle. Since it was a building piled up by individuals, it was not that grand or big, but it was a good place to visit because the scenery was good, such as a giant bridge far from the sea. 3. Hill of the Wind Mount Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon 14-47 ​ Haengya this travel itinerary was only typical attractions of each region of the naepum consider copper wire only comfortable, and by bus and be tightly, maemi the Hill of Wind is the next place. As its name suggests, the Wind Hill, a representative geoje travel course, made us experience strong winds on this day. It was a place where we could feel the charm of coolness and vastness even though it was cloudy and there was no grass yet. The wind was so strong that I could feel why the name Wind Hill was given when I was walking and my body was shaking. 4. Fresh green belt Mount Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon 21-23 ​ When I crossed the street from the entrance to the hill of wind, I could meet Sinseondae, another attraction and Geoje hot dog. Sinseondae was so mysterious that it was called the place where Sinseon used to play, but it felt even more different because there were rape flowers blooming. Perhaps because it was cloudy, the sea scenery near Sinseondae even felt exotic like a beach in the northern hemisphere of Europe. 5. Geoje Island POW camp ruins park Gyeryong-ro 61 ​ The last place I visited was the historic park of the concentration camp. Until the first time I visited, I thought it was just a place with a few models, but I was surprised because there were more things to see than I thought. In addition to reproducing the largest concentration camp at the time of the Korean War, it also documented the history of the time, and there were simple amusement facilities, making it a good place for family tourists to go. The bright spring flowers are blooming one by one, so I think it's a place where I met the spring energy of South Korea faster. 6. Dongpirang Mural Village Dongpirang 1-gil 6-18 ​ After looking around all the hot dogs in Geoje, I came to Tongyeong. The first place of the Tongyeong tour course was Dongpirang Mural Village, which was the founder of the mural village in Korea. If you go up the stairs, there are many beautiful murals all over the old alleyways and there are drama filming sites, and the murals change every few years, so you can feel a new feeling every time. On this day, I had a cup of coffee looking down at the beautiful Gangguan, and just sitting in a daze healed me. 7. Tongyeong Central Traditional Market Jungang-dong 233 ​ If you come down the street from Dongpirang, you can see the vivid life of Tongyeong people at the Tongyeong Central Traditional Market. There were various local specialty products and stores where you can take sashimi on the spot, but it was more energetic because it was a market near the beach. In front of the central traditional market, a port called Gangguan welcomed me, and I was able to breathe in the salty smell of the beach after a long time. 8. Yi Sun-sin Park Quantitative copper 688-1 ​ Following Dongpirang Central Market, the next Tongyeong tour course was Yi Sun-shin Park, which was built at Chungmugong's largest Seungchubji Station. Although it cannot be held these days because it is a cosy country, it is a place where the Hansan Daechup Festival is held every year, and the sea scenery and walking paths are well-made, making it worth a stroll. It was a bit early at this time, so the splendor was not enough, but I think it would be possible to meet Yi Sun-shin Park, which is much brighter if I visit in April. ​ 9. Tongyeong Cable Car 205 by foot. 205 ​ I think the most spectacular place to see on this Geoje Tongyeong tour was the Tongyeong Cable Car along with Oedo Island. Tongyeong Cable Car, which is the longest cable car in Korea, is the longest 1975m long, will ride itself, but it was a more satisfying tourist destination when it reached the top. In addition to the glass floor observatory that you meet for the first time when you get off at the boarding area, the view to the top of the Mireuk Mountain observatory, which you can meet if you climb for about 15 minutes, is the best cable car in Korea. ​ 10. Undersea Tunnel Urban Road 1 ​ The last course of the second day of the trip, which started with Geoje and led to Tongyeong, was the undersea tunnel. It is meaningful because it is a national registered cultural asset and known as the best undersea tunnel in the East, but it was not a place to see much. Some people imagine that underwater tunnels would be able to see the ocean view under the sea, but if you walk inside, there was no big difference from normal tunnels. Inside the tunnel, there were guides showing the transformation of Tongyeong Canal and how the undersea tunnel was constructed, which was an interesting exhibition. ​ Introduction of a three-day course including a three-day trip to Tongyeong, Geoje. ​ This trip was convenient and informative because you could fly comfortably to Gyeongsang-do and take a tour of the major Geoje Tongyeong travel course with your guide. ​ If you don't have much experience traveling alone or if you're old, or if you want to travel comfortably with your family, why don't you take a plane to travel to major domestic destinations?

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