a luxury Mercedes-Benz car
I've been watching current affairs programs for a long time.He opened a YouTube channel.Recently, I haven't been watching TV and I've been using my smartphoneUse the same personal device to separate the imagesThere's a lot of people watching, so it's a good move.It makes me think. We're going to run the show.There's a list that […]

I've been watching current affairs programs for a long time.

He opened a YouTube channel.

Recently, I haven't been watching TV and I've been using my smartphone

Use the same personal device to separate the images

There's a lot of people watching, so it's a good move.

It makes me think. We're going to run the show.

There's a list that you can do, and you can summarize it separately.

I'm doing it, and not only that, I'm interviewing.

Make the same program separately through the channel.

They revealed it. These days, there's something else to do.

No, I'm looking at it, but time flies.

You can't just lie down, you can't stay up.

I followed my younger brother with a thought. than I do

My younger brother, who got a job early, went to Benz e-Class Middle and High School.

You said you'd choose, and suddenly you said you'd be so determined.

I asked him what happened. And then I was a little kid.

It was a dream from the beginning, and it was a chance to realize it.

He told me to come with him. a new car

I don't think you can consider it.

I did, but it turns out, we're gonna go to a nearby complex.

It was, and I didn't have the right to do.

We went together to see and came back.

I'm not sure I'm seeing you this close in personally.

It was my first time. Why are you so popular?

I've come to realize it. It's the 2017 model.

There's a W213 E300 4 matic, to be exact.

It was called avant-garde-rated trim.

It's going to be worth a lot of money.

And if you think about it, the traces that were used this way...

Even if there's a little bit, let's consider it and make a choice.

It makes me think that it would be good, too. Color

It's white and neatly managed.

I was on the side and always looked good for a ride.

There's a huge emblem of Benz.

I don't want the emblem to be small on the bonnet.

Rather, it's a little bit bigger than this.

I like the design I'm emphasizing more.

I think so. I had a different taste than my sister.

I'm a little surprised, but she's actually a little bit surprised by the thrust

He said he liked the structure.

We can't always be the same, so we can't have aesthetic tastes.

It seems to change over time.

Anyway, it was glossy and damaged.

I couldn't see any of the parts.

The staff has started the engine. All right.

So I started looking around the room, and I was surprised.

I have no choice but to use expression. Violet

It was lit up all over the room in color.

I didn't expect it to 88카 be this dark.

I was surprised because I didn't think of it. Too much snow

It had brightness settings to prevent it from breaking.

My brother really fell in love with a Mercedes-Benz E-Class used car.

It's a shape. It's a shape that makes you shine brighter.

He said it was, but he looked around.

The instrument cluster and trip screen are completely on screen.

It was designated in the form of a date.

It was characterized by a more luxurious mood.

The instrument panel you encounter in the driver's seat.

I've got a lot of driving information at the computer level.

I didn't miss it and showed it to you. Oil Refueling

And even in situations where you're going to do it, you're going to write

I'll guide you, and I'll warn you what else.

And with the signs, what do you do?

They print it out. They were very kind. After we left,

It's a good example of the accumulation

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