I’m going to use it myself
As the economy has become more difficult, many people are interested in investment techniques and real estate Same here. I also got my own house five years ago, and five years ago, I moved every two years Or it was a rent house that could only live for a year if it was short. As […]

As the economy has become more difficult, many people are interested in investment techniques and real estate

Same here.

I also got my own house five years ago, and five years ago, I moved every two years

Or it was a rent house that could only live for a year if it was short.

As I gritted my teeth and went to work, I got two jobs and three jobs,

When you're well-off, start your own business and build your own house

I became.

At first, I loved this house where I lived comfortably with my family

In the wake of the COVID-19 virus, apartment mortgage loans are becoming increasingly difficult

I made a choice.

I hesitated because it was hard to get this house

Resolving the emergency is the first thing to do,

I proceeded because I needed business funds.

Most people get a loan when they buy a house.

So did I.

But there could be an urgent need for money,

One is that I have to give up my dream of buying a house because the loan is not approved by the financial sector


There are other ways.

So today, I'm going to tell you about the way I used it and how to solve an urgent fire

I'm going to give it to you.

In recent years, mortgage loans have been regulated

It has become extremely difficult to raise funds.

That's why it identifies different LTVs depending on the region and uses them in the right way

It's important to proceed.

At this time,

In the case of mortgage loans for speculative local housing

Less than 900 million won is 40 percent

If it exceeds 900 million won, it's 20 percent

If it exceeds 1.5 billion won, you can't get a loan,

In the case of adjustment area LTV

Less than 900 million won is 50 percent

The excess of 900 million is regulated at 30%.

The average house was 70 percent LTV.

It wasn't this tricky in the past, but recently, there's been a lot of loan fraud and other problems

Conditions have become more demanding as things are happening,

In the case of young people, the pressure to buy their own homes is getting worse

I do.

So to solve this problem, we're going to take out sub-optimal apartment loans or mortgages

There are many people who choose to change it.

I also proceeded through the former method.

This means getting a loan with a first priority mortgage, to the extent that it does not exceed the necessary amount compared to the price of the security,

The repayment period was 5-10 years, so it was convenient to repay it without any burden.

To put it simply, you can use your apartment as collateral and limit it according to the LTV

It is a financial product that is used more~

You don't like the conditions you're currently using

If the interest rate is high, it is changing to a better condition or a lower interest rate product~

Recently, there are many people who use lower interest rates in this way.

Once I was satisfied with the interest rate I was using, and because I needed money, I started getting mortgages,

Before proceeding, I started to look into various information.

There was a lack of information about real estate and banking,

It was important to check carefully because it was a hard-to-purchase house.

At first, I went to the main bank.

But I heard it's hard to proceed because there's a mortgage on the top of the list.

So I had no choice but to look for a savings bank, but the interest rate was lower than I thought

I was surprised..

The limit is higher than the main bank!

Besides, I'm a private entrepreneur, so it didn't apply,

There were other products we were dealing with, and there were products that could have been put under provisional attachment

It was amazing.

The mortgage product I used was available without the tenant's consent,

Even if they have obstacles such as low credit ratings or joint names of unemployed multi-home owners, they can proceed regardless of whether they are in arrears or not, so it was easy to solve them.

In particular, the counselor in charge recommended a product suitable for the situation

You can help us proceed to the cheapest and most advantageous place without any fees, so I'm relieved

There was one.

If you own an apartment, even if you have a second-highest priority

The limit is based on the valuation of the collateral, depending on the purpose

It could be largely divided into two parts.

Where it is used for the purpose of purchasing a house or for the purpose of stabilizing livelihood,

It was possible to borrow household funds for the purpose of returning the lease deposit, which is set at a lower limit of up to 40%.

But if you're in the same situation as me and you're raising money with business funds, you can get up to 95 percent

I was able to use the limit, and there was no big burden on the interest rate, so I could get help without any problems.

Since I am a private business owner, I received the documents and received the funds after the examination. In fact, office workers who don't have a business owner sometimes issue a business operator to use this method, so it would be good for office workers to know.

You don't have to worry because I haven't contacted the health insurance or the company!

In addition, in the case of apartment mortgage products, low-credit or delinquent borrowers can proceed. If you own an apartment

Everyone can do it unconditionally, so it would be nice to refer to it~

Especially in these recessions, there are houses that are seized or seized

There are some places where it works, but it's possible to proceed with the stake without the consent of the co-owner, so I hope you check this part again and raise the funds without any difficulty, right?

The 1st financial sector is the banking sector, and the 2nd financial sector is the savings bank or capital that I used~

In general, the 1-2 financial sector handles 110 to 130 percent,

In the case of 3 finance, there are cases where 150% is set.

The prices of apartments in the financial sector were slightly different from those in real estate.

KB Real Estate is based on the KB Real Estate Apartment Price, which is assessed based on the asking price, so I recommend you to check in advance!

Today, I'm here to tell you about the 상품권현금화 product I've used myself.

It was an opportunity to feel once again that it was so difficult to raise funds as it was so difficult to build my own house.

They own apartments, land, shops, houses, but they don't have living expenses, business funds, or urgent funds

If anyone needs it, LTV can be applied as a subordinate, so please refer to it and cheer up!

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