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I just had a short conversation with my friends.​We are all united 전주건마 about massage.​But you all got a massage. One of them was very disappointed.​And they said they got a tie massage at the same place. I was very satisfied.​They recommended each other. It was crazy. I was like that when I got it […]

I just had a short conversation with my friends.

We are all united 전주건마 about massage.

But you all got a massage. One of them was very disappointed.

And they said they got a tie massage at the same place. I was very satisfied.

They recommended each other. It was crazy. I was like that when I got it before.

However, I decided to use this company because I strongly recommend the two people I received together.

It's called Tai Masazi Love.

I looked up the reviews on the Internet and it was a great place to trust.

I'm calling to make a reservation consultation.

It felt very different from the business trip tie massage company I got on the phone before.

It was good to feel professional, but kindness is important in the end.

It's a place where you take care of your body, so it's a shame if you don'

So I asked him about his career as a manager, but he's embarrassing me.

The massage is so hot these days that Thailand came to Korea.

I heard that there are many people who start massaging.

So I made a reservation and got a Thai massage. It's on a reservation system.

You were punctual. There's a female manager here. And it has a lot of tools.

You brought something. You brought a bed, too. Like a bat? You brought this, too.

I could infer that it was a massage.

All the managers said the beginning was different, and they massaged me from the waist.

He's stronger than I thought. Of course, I don't work hard on massage,

I think there is some relation. I think it's best to combine strength and skill.

Apparently, he was trained professionally and has been working as a manager for a long time.

He stepped on it on his back and it was really cool.

You seemed to know exactly where it was and where it was cool.

I was not sick and very good. The end of the year is approaching and the year-end party is approaching.

Are you all tired? Weekdays are weekdays and weekends are weekends. Weekends are weekends.

I didn't have time to recover from drinking, but I felt good and seemed to be recovering properly.

The conversation was just off the topic. Anyway, they use tools to massage the lower body.

The calves and soles of the feet were personally the coolest of all.

I think my calves are all clumped up. It makes a sound whenever I untie it. I think it hurts a little.

It was very good because it hurt and refreshed. You don't have to look up to the manager.

I asked for more calves and soles. He said yes and continued to do more.

But they did it for my shoulders and neck, too. I have a turtle neck, and my neck and shoulders are very bad.

I'm on my side, but the manager knew right away. Someone asked if it's a turtle neck.

Turtle neck is life, turtle neck is life. He taught me stretching and care.

He said it would be too kind to focus on his throat and massage him later on.

It was great to see you from beginning to end. Compared to the Thai massage I got before, the satisfaction is...

It was too big a difference. I think the company I received this time is several times better.

I didn't want to reuse it the last time I received it, but this home tie is definitely a must.

I am very satisfied with the fixed amount of reuse

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